The Mission of the Foundation

Oracle Capital Group believes that only through active involvement in the lives of others can a person enrich their own life. As part of this commitment, we have established the Oracle Capital Charitable Foundation to provide active support to a number of organizations and charities, whose missions lie close to our hearts.

It is crucial that we promote and support strong leadership, innovation, personal development and sound governance in all our projects, as we believe these are important factors in powering social change.

We are committed in providing an extensive network of grants to support education, health services and social development projects, intelligently channeling the funds where they are most needed. Our company is a known supporter of the arts and we are very keen to continue that tradition, especially in relation to the talent emerging from the CIS countries.

Close relationships with our Foundation partners ensures the funds are distributed over a wider net of interests and we are all able to share experiences, expertise and common ambitions in achieving the best results. Our donors share our values and passions in promoting positive social development and in giving a helping hand to true talent.