Alexander Volkov’s exhibition

Alexander VolkovIn recognition of our passion and continued support for the arts and culture, Oracle Capital Charitable Foundation is delighted to be sponsoring the first solo exhibition of Alexander Volkov’s work: Alexander Volkov: Of Sand and Silk, which is being presented at Christie’s, King Street, London from 4-21 September 2012.

Alexander Volkov: Of Sand and Silk is a non-selling exhibition showing more than 50 of Volkov’s early work. His art portrays the changes in Central Asia during the first half of the twentieth century as it came under the control of the Russian Empire and, subsequently, the Soviet authorities. 

Volkov (1886 – 1957), born in Fergana Valley (now Uzbekistan), is now regarded as one of the most prominent and acclaimed Russian artists of the early twentieth century. During his lifetime, however, Volkov’s work was considered ‘ideologically dangerous’ and for the last decade of his life he experienced great hardship, struggling to make a living. Volkov has been reinstated as a leading Russian artist and today his works form part of permanent displays at such prestigious museums as State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, State Russian Museum in St Petersburg and the Karakalpak Museum of Arts in Nukus.

We hope that you enjoy the exhibition as Volkov’s works are shown for the first time in a solo exhibition outside Russia and the CIS, and we look forward to welcoming many of our clients, friends and business partners to the exhibition.

Oracle Capital Charitable Foundation has been a proud partner of Christie’s for a number of years, sharing with them a dedication to providing a personalised service to clients around the globe. In 2010, Oracle Capital Charitable Foundation sponsored an exhibition of masterpieces of Russian and Kazakh art: Treasures of Kazakhstan, which was also held at Christie’s London.